Friday, October 28, 2011


Last week, my yoga class started with a Shavasana. Started with a Shavasana. This has never happened to me before- Shavasana has always been a carrot– dangling in the horizon of my misery, motivating me through the rigors of challenging poses. But being a trooper, I decided to go with it. All the muscles that I had saved up for cow poses and cobras melted into my yoga mat as I semi-slept the first 10 minutes of this class under the pretext of a Shavasana. Unfortunately, right after this the instructor said, "Now get into a downward dog.", which is excruciating when your muscle memory goes into a coma. I slipped and stumbled through the rest of the class, still under the stupor of my Shavasa-nap. My tree fell, my chair toppled, my mountain crumbled, and my warrior lost it's battle with gravity. And then the Shavasana was back at the end of class, and all was well again.You see, it's hard to fall when every part of you is touching the ground, and you can't compare yourself with the contortionist next to you because your eyelids fall shut. Any way you do it is perfection ( Call me when you hear someone say,"I lie down better than you!"). I should quit the classes and do the Shavasana instead. Starting now. Good night!


  1. I challenge you to a shavasana show-down.....

  2. you're inspiring me to take it up again!!

  3. Aww thanks Kristi:) It's pretty easy I tell you!