Thursday, October 7, 2010

My favorite salt and pepper shakers

I would have never bought this for myself. I would have seen it, yes, but then I would have said, "This wouldn't go with anything on my kitchen counter. Pass." But since my little sister does not care about my kitchen counter, she bought me these as an apartment warming gift from Anthropologie, and I love them.
The counter in our kitchen is an official looking thing made of a perfunctory counter-like material. it holds piles of advertising mail, bills, keys, coupons, and this happy little salt and pepper set. I love looking at it every day. One of these days I might even fill it with salt and pepper, but for now my heart does not want it to be another thing that I will use and not look at. For now, I want it to sit with the mundanities of my existence and inspire me to paint it.

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