Monday, March 12, 2012

the MALE project

People ask me why I don't write a children's book, and illustrate it myself. Here's why. I'm good at drawing, but I'm great at drawing only a handful of things, and I will only let my book be about this handful of things. Ultimately this will be a children's book with no animals, toys, or landscape scenery. And Scholastic will reject it. 

Same goes for topics I give myself to build my portfolio. My husband observed that all my topics are girl-related and feature an unreasonable amount of pink.  So, this time, he gave me something to draw on. My project was to show a soldier coming back home from war. I could have shown the silhouette of a ripped man walking with his backpack on his shoulder, against a backdrop of yellow bomb blasts and planes hovering over his head, and a patriotic flag floating conceptually in the background. But I'm a girly girl, so sue me:) This is what I did.


  1. I like this! So different from your usual ones in type and style but still maintains your fingerprint

  2. Awesomely beautiful illustrations, Aruna! This one's one of my favourites :)

  3. I loved the little-kid-being-thrown-up-in-the-air drawing.