Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh, happy day...

A couple of days ago, baby and me took a walk along the lake, well- a lake...Minnesota and all. It was a day that you see drawn on a sheet of newsprint by a preschooler, complete with vibrant blues and greens straight from a crayon box. The sun was a dull yellow round behind white clouds, and there was even a horizon of mismatched trees across the lake. We saw Red-winged black birds, blue-winged brown birds, and some ducks. Later, I had some coffee at a Caribou, while baby stared at the lights and drooled on his bib. It was such a perfect day, that I even forgot to be depressed about the tumbleweeds of my shedding hair blowing about on our bathroom floor.
When baby fell asleep, I treated myself to reruns of project runway- the one with Christian Siriano, and called everything ' fierce' for the rest of the day. Like, "Oh, look at this fierce little watercolor of the sky and the trees and a lake!"

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