Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maui, Navin, Wayne Dyer, and sea turtles.

We went on a baby-moon. Our last official trip sans diaper bag, car seat and/or stroller (I love my children. Why would I want to PUSH them away from me?) (I love that movie!) So off to Maui we went. I wanted to see Wayne Dyer, and N wanted to see everything else. So we did this via a two day Wayne Dyer conference, a snorkeling trip, and plenty of beach time and sea food.

The conference was great, and I got a lot of really inspirational quotes from it, including one from Gandhi that I've never heard before. I am also a little curious about Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. which are supposed to be secret and can make you levitate. N says he had learned them at an Ashram in India...I must ask him more. At one point, Wayne even noticed my stomach bulge and generously gave me a couple of children's books and made me promise to read to the fetus everyday. I have broken this promise for exactly one day, but that was because of jet lag and all that. Tonight, fetus will hear all about how unstoppable he can be!

Our snorkeling trip was all about following murky visions of giant sea turtles until they become clearer, and swimming closely behind them in the reef muck they leave in their wake, hoping to see more of them or their friends. These creatures live for hundreds of years. Who knows what our turtles saw in their life time. I only wish we had rented an underwater camera for this expedition– although, our previous underwater-camera pictures have been of ourselves with our lips stretched over scuba pipes, our goggles filled with water, and no sea creatures to show for it.

My doodles are from the conference. Bad habit from art school...I cannot sit thru a lecture without doodling something while I'm at it.


  1. Hey great stuff. I like how you've put together the art and the quote!

  2. you left out the funniest bit from your story about what wayne said after...